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2004-11-05 - 9:11 a.m.

Well, tonight at 6:47 my daughter will be one week old. She's very beautiful like her mother as well as strong-willed. A long time ago someone told me fatherhood would change my life more than anything else. Now I know what they were talking about. Soon I'll get up a pic or two.

In lesser news, I am certain I did not pass my exam last week which is depressing. I was hoping to get back on track with this sitting. At least I can take it again, but it would've been nice to get this under my belt.

And I'm currently thinking about going back to school. I'll need to wait until Squirmy (what I constantly call my daughter) gets a little older. I'm thinking about a night law school but I need to research some more. I'd like to get into corporate law. Maybe I'm just crazy like my bracelet says.

Well, SigOt is resting comfortably at home while Squirmy eats, excretes, sleeps, repeats sequence. SigOt's in a little pain but when I get home tonight I'll show her where I hid her wooden leg. And thus today will have a happy ending.

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